Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional Support & Education

Orchard City Nutrition CoursesOrchard City Athletics’ offers nutritional coaching and associated nutritional services to Kelowna residents as well as via the Internet to people all over the world.

Nutrition is critically important for health but it is often a confusing topic for many people. Corporate food producers use every trick in the book to fool us into thinking their fat free, all natural, low sodium and other labelling means healthy. They use confusing terminology and mixed messaging to spin us around and keep us confused.

Food choices and the nutrition it provides doesn’t have to be complex. Creating a base level understanding of macro and micro nutrients, working with you to understand your own personal needs and those of your family and creating a manageable eating plan is all part of what we offer at Orchard City Athletics as part of our Nutritional Coaching program.

Our Nutritional Services Offer
  • Flexible Dieting

    Eat your favorite foods, guilt free!

  • Accountability

    Weekly 1-on- 1 check-ins with your personal coach

  • Community Support

    Members only access to other people just like you.

  • Optimize Performance

    Professionally balanced macros for real sport success.

What You Get:

A 1-on- 1 nutritional coaching service with a formal check-in once a week with your coach and email contact as often as you’d like. We promise to get back to you within 24 hrs for those random days!

How it Works:

After a 30-min phone discovery session where you answer a short survey, you’ll be asked to send in a few initial photos of yourself. From this, we will gain a solid understanding of where you are starting in your nutritional and health journey and what your goals are. Our nutritional coaching will get you to where you want to go and you will receive a personalized nutritional program for your to follow. We’ll ask you to “check-in” with your coach every week so your progress can be recorded. This includes your updated bodyweight, physical measurements and how you’ve been feeling. We’ll compare them week to week to work with you on helping to define and refine, as well as reach your goals. This consultative relationship goes beyond just your diet; your coach is dedicated to designing an easy to follow program that fits your nutritional requirements, lifestyle changes and overall health and wellness goals.

Professional Nutrition Coaching
for just $77/week

Tremendous Value:

  • Balanced Macros

    Professionally balanced macros for real sport success.

  • Personal Contact

    Weekly 1-on-1 check-ins with your personal coach.

  • Food Perspectives

    Develop a healthy relationship with food.

  • Examine Motivations

    Learn the reasons behind why we eat what we eat.

  • Improve Habits

    Learn how to incorporate REAL habit changing behaviours.

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