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Group CrossFit Classes - Join Orchard City CrossFitOrchard City Athletics’ group based fitness classes in Kelowna are founded on the functional fitness principles of varied movement executed at high intensity. Our IN-PERSON training programs combine strength training coupled with HIIT workouts. ALL our inperson clients recieve CUSTOM workout AND nutrtion plans based on their goals.

Group Fitness and CrossFit in KelownaGroup fitness workouts at Orchard City’s Kelowna based gym are completely inclusive and scaled so each athlete, whether a newbie or a seasoned veteran is able to physically challenge themselves at a safe level.

If you are tired of “spinning your wheels” in your health, fitness, or body composition goals, OR you find current gym with limited abilities to be provide the custom support, attention, and motivation to get you REAL RESULTS I guarantee we may be the perfect solution for you to realize your GOALS!!