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Fast track to long-term health

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Small Group Personal Training

Orchard City’s Athletics has REDEFINED fitness programs in Kelowna.

Our health and fitness programs are perfect for newbies and seasoned athletes alike.

We’ve taken our 10+years of SUCCESS in getting our clients RESULTS with our private training clients and now deliver the same results at a lower price point.

This is a client-centered, community driven and individually focused program.

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Diet and Nutrition Coaching

If you are wanting to find a nutritional coach to help you get off the diet rollercoaster and gain a true understand of how your body responds to food then this is the program needed to answer your nutritional questions.

Offered from our Kelowna offices or through our online community we offer a comprehensive suite of nutritional services to help you understand, control and maintain your lifestyle based on healthy nutritional options and tasty food choices.

More Info on Nutrition Coaching

6-Week Mind Body Reset

This hyper-focused 6 week program is sure to get you the results you’ve been looking for and need in a VERY SHORT time.

We focus on delivering the best coach-led workout experience, while setting you up for success by educating you on nutrition.

Utilizing the 3 Pillars of The OC Way: Training, Nutrition, and Accountability Coaching

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Get Fit with Orchard City Athletics in Kelowna!

Kelowna’s Orchard City Athletics offers small group personal training and fitness classes that provide various functional movements, performed at relatively high intensity, to ensure your body burns fat, builds muscle and improves your cardio. All of our Kelowna fitness programs are based on patterns of functional movement including elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing, pushing, pulling, bending, squatting, jumping and other core movements for life.

Your gym experience and every workout (WOD) at Orchard City Athletics will involve moving the largest load possible, the farthest distance. This style of exercise maximizes the amount of work you do done in the shortest amount of time.

All of our workouts are scalable to your individual ability and allow you to participate and benefit from a truly specialized exercise program.

Orchard City Athletics provides you with the best options available for complete health, nutrition and fitness transformation.

Small Group Personal Training in KelownaGet Started Today!Get Started Today!

Why choose Orchard City Athletics
for Fitness in Kelowna?

  • Programming

    We offer programming for all levels and abilities with goals of strength, mobility, overall health and fitness.

  • Experience

    We are a team of passionate and experienced coaches who put emphasis on health, safety and a quality.

  • Community

    Our community is a warm, supportive and welcoming group of athletes who genuinely care about each other.

  • Service

    Our members are our top priority. We take great pride in offering top service and training to our clients.

  • Location

    Located in a convenient and unique area. Steps away from Mission Creek and a 5 min. drive from Downtown.

  • Variety

    We offer many different programs to suit all ages and walks-of-life. From group classes to personal programs.

  • Amenitites

    Towel service, private showers, air conditioning and we are open 7 days a week.

  • Equipment

    Our facility includes, barbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars and rings, dumbbells, med balls, plyo-boxes, rowers and a running path.

Kelowna's Best Fitness Facility


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